Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally a final Table in the 2K Razz

I had my company holiday party on Friday night. We have had this party in January each of the last two years so I must now assume this is normal. Anyway, we had a good time and I won some free booze so all is good.

Saturday was the usual stuff with taking kids here and there. I finally had the chance to play at some point that night and got knocked out a little short of the money again in the 2K Razz. I am so close to taking this down. I also had a nice run going in the $5 PLO deepstack but came up a little short of the money. The best part of that tourney was flopping quads and having an early position guy raise and another guy re-raise. I call like the donkey I am and the other two guys end up getting all there chips into a pot they cannot win.

More of the same on Sunday with the running around. The highlight of the day ways having one of the girls at Softball E's practice set off the fire alarm on accident. Cool stuff. Anyway, I played the 2K Razz and actually made it to the final table. I had a super donkey at my table that would lose a hand to me and then beat someone else out of a hand to get his chips back. This happened three times with the third one tripling me up. I eventually got knocked out when I had A6442 on 5th street lose to a made T9852. I rock.

Remember that the KORD runs on Friday at 9:00 I think. I'll post it later this week.

Have a great day.

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