Thursday, January 03, 2008

And the New Poker Year Starts

The new year has started and I got my first real day of poker in on January 2nd. I started the night with a hold'em tourney and got a nice double up early when I limed in and hit a set on the flop. I stayed even from there until I raised AK from middle position and got called by the next player. The SB pushed and I made the decision to fold with a caller behind me and the push. This may have been my first mistake of the year because the other player called with KQ and the pusher turned over AQ. My hand would have held up but instead of having 9000 chip, I have 2500. I tried to maintain my position and was looking for a double but I ran into a hand that I fail to remember and finish about 60 from the money.

While the hold'em tourney was going on I jumped onto my favorite razz tourney. For more on that go to Brickin The Nutz. It is my Razz blog and I will have something posted about the tourney later today.

I also played the PLO deep stack and made it semi deep but short of the money when I hit a boat and lost to a better boat. I truly didn't see him having pocket aces for aces over sevens because I had A7 in my hand and the 77A flop looked so good to me. Not sure I can get away from this hand yet but he played it well and I didn't see him telling me that I was beat.


Trying to become a better husband, I handed my bonus check over to my wife last night. It will go into the bank and eventually pay for some bill instead of being wasted on something trivial. I would have liked to have kept it but that is truly the wrong thing to do.

Softball E. had a hitting camp over the holidays. It was a three day event where instructors video tape her hitting and then break it down to find areas for improvement. They work on these areas and repeat the process. After the clinic was over they gave her the tape so I took a look at the result. Now she was already an almost .500 hitter but I know that the things they taught her will make her a better hitter. She was driving the ball with more regularity and can now drive the ball to all fields.

Speedy E. continues to be boy crazy. I'm really going to have my hands full with her. Anyway, she is going to a dance with her boyfriend this Friday so I have to try and figure out a way to sneak in and keep an eye on them. Not really but it is a little scary for me.

Baseball E starts basketball next week. He is in a little guys league at the YMCA and I think they use 8 foot baskets. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

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