Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Weekend Post?

It is a rare chance that I write on the weekend so you are lucky.

I playes a walkes threw a 6 player sng this morning for an easy win and a net gain of $6. Another passive table that allowed me to push people off pots. I had the right combination of good cards at the right time and the ability to drop a hand when I needed to. I did have a hand where I had AK suited when the player before me made a min raise and I folded. This player had not raised a pot all game so I felt I was behind. He showed pocket A's.

During my sng, I also play some $2 NL with some success as I almost tripled my buy-in. I made a good read with top two pair when a flush draw hit on the river. The other play had been cheeck calling my bets on the flop and turn and checked again on the river. I didn't bet and he shows the flush. Nice hand sir. I also gave away a $3 + pot on the river when I folded the best hand. The river paired the board and a caller came out betting so I fold my TPTK. Nice bet sir.

Anyway, I need to wake the kids as we are leaving for a ball tourney in about an hour or so good luck on the felt today.

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