Monday, April 17, 2006

Back to the Tables

We’ll we returned from our trip in time to make it to the Good Friday service at church. There is nothing like the anniversary of the crucifixion to cheer me up. Anyway, after we got the kids in bed I hit the tables by playing a .05/.10 NL full ring games. My original investment of $10 was increased early when I hit top pair on the flop and ended with quads. My only regret was that my opponent only had $2 with his pocket aces. I hit quads again later when my pocket 4s were met by pocket 4s and an ace high flop. I check/called the first two bets before coming back over the top on the river. He was another short stack but put me up to $16 when this hand happened.

An early position short stack raises it to .40 with the button, SB, and the BB (me) calling. I held QT and wanted to see the flop. The flop is QT5 and the fireworks start. EP goes all-in for .80. Late position goes all-in for $2.20. The SB raises it all-in to $3.40. I have to put $3.40 to win between 8-9 bucks with top two pair. I call only to see the river 6 giving the SB the winning set of sixes. The other two players each held AQ. After the hand the SB says “ there was to much money in there for me to fold.” What ever, nice play sir. He eventually gave it all back to everyone else but me.

I did cash in a $3+.30 MTT on Stars but got knocked out before the big money. I don’t think I could have done much better as I was card dead most of the night. I did give away a large % of my stack right before the bubble on a stupid play. I had an average chip stack when I get dealt J9 suited from the SB. It’s folded to me and I raise it to 600 (blinds are at 100/200) and BB calls. The flop is J high and I bet 800. I have him out chipped by about 800 at this point and a call will leave him at 1600. He calls after much debate. The turn is x and I bet half his stack with the intention of calling but giving him a chance to lay it down with chips left. He uses up his time bank before calling. The river is x and I’m not sure what to do. He wont fold if I bet but will he bet if I check? I check as does he. I lose to his JT. At least I cashed but that would have been a good pot for me. Anyway, he still got knocked out before I did but not by much.

That’s about it for poker.
We have practice tonight, Wednesday, Thursday, Three times on Saturday, and then our first tourney. We’ll see how we look as it isn’t an open tournament and should be able to compete.

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