Friday, April 28, 2006

My Hits Went Through the Roof

Thanks to Tripjax my hit count went through the roof yesterday after he linked Fish Are Friends, Not Food to his blog. Of course the roof to my domain is three inches high and of no use to anyone except my daughters mice. I did hit an all time high of 26 so maybe my readership will reflect this. I do have three or four loyal readers and do not want them to feel left out if I don’t give them my full attention.

In the past I’ve talked about my old boss and his playing style. Well yesterday I gave him a call to see if he’s back playing at Party Poker or not. You see he had stopped playing about a year and a half ago because of some business venture he started and couldn't commit the time to the game. Low and behold he fired it up for a couple of SNGs the other night. I’m glad he started playing again because I want to take his money. Anyway, we talked about poker and our families when I screwed up. This blog had been semi-secret as in a semi would have to run me over before I told someone about it. My blog is more about personal reflect than anything else so I haven’t really advertised it to my friends and family. So the cat is out of the bag in some ways and my burden has been lifted. And I have acquired a 5th loyal reader.

This brings me to another point.
High On Poker had a post yesterday that I made mention of. I thought it was thought provoking and caused me to personally reflect on the thought processes of other bloggers. That was the big bang you heard last night. Me thinking. Anyway, Gambling Blues has posted a response to High’s post from yesterday that will also give some insight to our brethren in this blogging community of ours. Check it out.

So with all of this blogging material in the air I guess I want to make a point. It’s nice to be linked up with the upper class of poker bloggers. It gives the upstarts like me a feeling of fellowship even if we may not really belong. I can’t put my self in a class with the veterans of the blogesphere but I do want to carve out my own little niche. Additionally, I admire the friendships that have been created through a common platform and would relish becoming a part of the society. But that’s not why I started this. It’s only a documentation of a quest. My quest to transform $5 into $3000 on Noble Poker! Will I gain cyber friendships along the way? More then likely because this is a community and communities like this must have dialog or it will cease to exist.

So what was this all about you ask? I’m not sure it was anything more then affirmation. Affirmation of my blogging journey. I’m not trying to skyrocket to the top of the blogging food chain. I’m just trying to enjoy my minuscule part of it.

Moving on to poker….

No poker last night as I had to many commitments to see to. With luck I’ll be able to hit the tables late tonight in some cheap buy-in events in my never ending quest for Noble Poker stardom. I’ll also hit the NL tables at some point If I’m not on family tilt.

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TripJax said...

Glad I could help with the hits and you've made it easy to link you up on my site...I enjoy reading your blog.

Now keep it up!