Thursday, April 06, 2006

One for the Road

I dropped a good portion of my tourney winnings playing at the NL cash tables last night. I couldn’t catch a flop all night and saw my big pocket pairs go down in flames all night. Jacks lost twice and queens were a nightmare. The best hands I had were out of the blinds when I convinced my opposition I had something when there was a ragged flop. I ended up dropping 2 buy-ins when it was all said and done.

I don’t think I’ll be playing any poker for the next week as we traverse across the southeastern countryside of our great country. There is a chance I’ll get a late night session while staying at my mother’s house but I have serious doubts. My hands are already shaking from withdrawal.

The good news for the trip is that we have a whole slate of new movies to distract the kids from each other. As we all know long trips with children can lead to anxiety and anger so the 15 or so movies we acquired should help alleviate the tension.

A definitive plus with this trip will be seeing my buddy Paul. We stood up for each other in our respective nuptials and always start our conversation where we left off, even if we haven’t talked for a few months. I miss hanging around with him as we have been friends for many years and have carried each other through many trials and tribulations.

I’m getting mushy in my old age.

Anyway I’ll try to post while I’m gone but otherwise will give a trip report in about a week. I don’t know any bloggers so no guest posts. Good luck on the felt and read you in a week.

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Have fun!