Friday, April 21, 2006

Stupidity Comes in Many Forms

I do some stupid things but this was really bad.

I had practice with L’s team Wednesday night and we were doing a drill on base running. So I decide to show the team the correct technique for hitting the inside corner of the bag as you head to second base. Well as I hit the bag at full speed my foot slides across the bag and I fly head-over-heals in the air and fall onto the base path. I get up and continue with the lecture on the pitfalls of incorrect habits. As we continued with practice I noticed a stiffness developing in my back. I’m sure we’ve all had this at different times in our lives but this one didn’t want to loosen up. By the time I get home I can’t move without discomfort. Another fine example of an over-weight want to be kid getting hurt doing something he used to without thinking about it. Americas Funniest Videos would have had a field with my ballet like performance. The real problem is that my weight has been raised as well as being redistributed to unfamiliar part of my body. I think my center of gravity has changed from my mid-section to my neck. I’m now the opposite of a Webble wobble. Yesterday was terrible as in that I could almost dress my self.

Poker was good. I did well in some cash games, which increased my bankroll. I gave most of it back playing MTT’s looking for a big payday.

I was looking at my results for Poker Stars SNGs and see that I’m ROI is at about 10% on the $5 tables. My same size is only 17 so I’m not worried. These tables seem to be beatable with patience and aggression but I seem to be getting beat by myself at time.

I bubbled out yesterday second in chips when I flopped a strait. I check called the chip leader. The turn x and I check re-raised with him calling. The river was a 4 of diamonds and bet, he goes all-in and I call. I did notice the third diamond and lose to his flush. This was stupid play on my part. I could have folded pre flop and still would have been in great shape. The other two players were in dire straits and one would have been eliminate within a round or two. Next time I’ll just transfer $1.50 to three random players and log off.

One other interesting SNG had a LAG to my right who would see almost every flop. The deck was hitting him in the face. This gave him big stack power and he used it well. Anyway, when we got to the final 4, I was the short stack and looking to double through him at any opportunity. I raised all-in on his big blind 3 or for strait time and pushed over his min-raises when I was on the BB. This returned me to a workable chip count when he finally got tired of me beating him up. He called from the SB and I raised 3x. He comes over the top all-in and I call with my AQ to his Q9. I’m now the chip leader and his has around 700. A few hands later he sucks out all-in when his 69 beats KQ. Next hand he knocks a guy out with his T7. The short stack who would have been all-in the next hand lucks into third. When we get down to him and I he continues with his luck-box ways and cripples me out with when my pocket 4s lose to his 23 soooted.

All in all I’ve had a good week. My total bankroll has increased by about $55 and I continue to enjoy the game. One thing that I might start to employee is more hit and run action. I’ve read that many players will use this to increase the bankroll without giving money back to the table over a long session. Any opinions?

The girls have their first tourney this weekend and with luck I’ll have some good things to write about next week.

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