Thursday, April 27, 2006

Walking the Talk

I need to walk the talk.

When I started this quest I was relentless in tracking my results. I might not have tracked every thing I needed to but the things I traced were done diligently.

I’ve gotten away from this for some reason that I can’t explain. I have a vague idea of my successes and failures but no concrete proof.

One of the things I need to do a better job of tracking is on players. I know that this is hindering my growth but without tracking player tendencies I playing with a disadvantage. I know they are tracking me.

On other things….

I read a great post at High on Poker today about the different classes of bloggers in the blogesphere. If you have time check out how the pecking order of poker blogs relates to endorsements, site hits, and other relative information for our realm.

I was having trouble sleeping last night so I fired up Poker stars at around midnight central. I was playing two at a time but had limited success doing so. In all I played around ten and saw a small profit over all. What was discouraging was that I bubbled in 4 of the ten. In one I was a short stack and pushed with a pocket pair only to see the other shorty call with 83. His full house knocked me out. The other three were just a bad luck or bad timing in that if I had an advantage it was small and didn’t hold up. I can live with this because I did return the favor in one of my cashes.

I was sitting with 230 UTG and push. Is it a push when you can’t put up a full bet? Anyway, two others are in the hand and check it down. My 56 is gold. Next hand on the BB I push with KT and get called by the SB and survive. Two hands later I get KK and knock out the small stack. I end up winning this within 8 hands.

One other interesting hand saw me with an M of 1.5 so I go all-in with 64 suited and quadruple up. One player questioned my raise with this hand but I felt that two live suited cards were better then waiting for the BB next hand. I shouldn’t have been in this position except for over playing my top pair the hand before. Was this a bad move?

By the time I finished playing this morning it was 4:30. That makes for a long day and I have a council meeting a church tonight, practice with M’s team and any other fatherly duties that come along the way. I think I’ve already said I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Maybe I’m just a tool.

I also want thank Bloody P as well as High on Poker for their comments. At least I know that I’m not alone in the world of family tilt.

Check out Bloody P if you are looking for some tracking programs and spreadsheets. He hooked me up with a spreadsheet and will do the same for you.


cc said...

How do you spell exhausted tonight at 9:30? thepokerenthusiast

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I didn't go to sleep untill 11:00 PM last night. All in all that was about 2 hours of sleep in about a fourty hour period. My wife thinks I'm a vampire.