Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hit and Run

I had a hit and run session last night that was a nice addition to my account. It was a .02/.04 NL table and I sat down on the button. I folded for almost two orbits when I get 7h5h in the BB. There are 4 limpers when a late/middle position min raises to .08 with 6 callers including me. The flop is K96 with a heart. The raiser makes a min bet and all call. Turn is a 6 and raiser bets .16. This player had been many every pots without getting called down and his .16 bet seemed week so I pop it to .64 and all fold except the original raiser who calls. I put him on A9 at this point. I am behind but he is afraid. The river is x and I make a $1.50 bet into a $2 pot and he fold. Seven high wins. My attack on him forced him to slow down his attempts at stealing pots. A little later I get pocket kings in the cutoff and raise it to .60 as everyone has limped to this point and get one callers. A jack high flop and I call a .32 bet. The turn is x and raise his .32 bet to $1 and get a call. River pairs the J and he checks. I feel this is a trap as he may have been betting his jack so I check. He shows AK. Two good pots to this point. Right before I stop for the night I get KK again, this time from the small blind. The player on the button has been a real donator by pushing bluffs and slow playing big hands so I had a good read on his play. There are 5 limpers when the cutoff raises it to .20. The button calls and I re-raise to $1 all for except for the button who calls. T75 flop and I bet half the pot. The button goes all-in for $3 more and I call. He had pocket 2”s and I’m happy. When al was said and done I turned a $5 buy-in into $13 in about 40 minutes of play. It was a good session.

The Cubs started out the season with a 16 run effort vs. the Reds even with the poor pitching of Carlos Zambrano. Today Glennden Rusch is on the hill for the Cubbies.

The future of the Cubs middle infield?

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TripJax said...

Please, please let this be the year of the cubbies. They've got some road blocks, but maybe this is one of those years where they all believe in each other and seem to find ways to win rather than find ways to lose.

Hope springs eternal.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Time will tell. We'll see if the staff aces can stay health. With out Kerry and Mark the Cubbies will fall.