Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Recap of Last Night

It was an exciting night at the tables as I played a .50+.20 with 3 re-buys and an add-on. There was a total of 70 players with a 110 buy-ins and add-ons and 15 places paying.

I didn’t do a lot in the first hour other then chip up to around 2800. No significant hands to speak of. I took the add-on as I was only a little above average and wanted to get aggressive. I was a good move as I doubled up early with a flopped boat after calling a raise with 9T suited. From this point on I made it a point to put pressure on the smaller stacks and re-raise in position to steal pots after the flop. This worked well as I chipped up to around 13,000. As we approached the bubble, the small stacks got aggressive just in time for me to go on a rush and knock 4 out inside an orbit. When we get to the bubble, dealt QsJs and raise it to 6000 to buy off the limpers and blinds. Loose player in late position calls and has 12,000 left. I get a great flop of AsKsTc and check. Loose player goes all-in and I’m sitting good as my strait improves to the nut flush and his J9 is a loser. 35,000 chips and I start buying blinds from the medium stacks as they look to make the final table. 51,000 chips.

At the final table I lost a hand early after I raise and a player goes all-in. I was getting 4/1 on my money so it was any easy call. Hand #9 I get AT in the big blind and raise the limpers to 6000. Late position calls and SB calls. Flop is 3T5 and SB goes all-in for 8500 and we both call. Turn is x. River is a 5. Late position has pocket 4’s and SB has K5 for trips. How do you call half you money with K5. I don’t know but it worked. I’m at 32,000.

I win blinds with A9 and KJ when I’m dealt AJ under the gun. I was in the middle of doing my live report and folded without knowing it. The BB had pocket queens and hit quads on the turn with an ace on the board. Good fold. AK wins blind and then I lose a race with JJ vs. AQ. I’m down to28,000. 4 players left and I get AJ and come over the top all-in and get called by AT. I win and move to 40,000 with tree players left. I hit trips on the flop and get all-in with the chip leader and win to put me at 80,000. Next hand I get 82 on the BB and check as all three of us see a flop. The flop is 872 with 2 spades and small blind bets. I call (mistake) and other player fold. The turn is x and SB bets and I raise all-in and get called. He has 2 spades and hits his flush on the river. I’m the shorty now and get KhQh in for a raise with one caller. Flop is Jh8hTc and I push, he calls with an 87. No heart, king, or queen arrives and I’m done.

A little luck on my second to last hand and I have 85% of the chips in play. Both players were very beatable as their tendencies were easy to read but it wasn’t to be.

In the end it was only a $9 payday but it goes a long in the confidence department. I know that I can win one of these if I keep playing the game like I did tonight.

Other random crap….

I’m leaving for Florida on Thursday night and will try to post while I’m gone. For the 4-5 readers I have (I’ve gained one since the other day) please stay tuned for more useless information.

I will post on Thursday.

M’s in house 10u team is looking like it should be pretty good. They did well in all the drills put them through and most don’t have any major flaws we need to fix.

L’s in house 12u team is a different story. We have 11 players with 2 of them never playing the game before. We also have to develop a pitcher as a player may only pitch 3 innings in any given game per league rules. L will do fine for her three innings but I haven’t found the answer for the rest of the game. At least the other 9 players on the team are solid so we can hide the weak links.

The Cubs play in about an hour and the Sox play in about 2 ½. We’ll see if the Sox can bounce back from the crap they presented yesterday.

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