Sunday, April 09, 2006

Picture Dump

Cool colors in the sky a few hours before a storm came in. Tampa Bay.

A picture at sunset with the storm rolling in.

Remembering the day of share-croping and slavery. This shack is in the middle of what used to be a forrest. They strip the land and replant trees to harvest again in years to come.
Another Picture at sunset.

A lot of driving but we arrived in time to see the sunset. The kids had the joy of seeing many trailers in the middle of noplace. There were many old shacks that had to be at least one hundred years old. Reminders of a time in our history when things were not plesant for everyone.

No poker at all.

We did get lucky and miss all the tornados in Tennessee and Georgia. Mother Nature's rath aborbs more distruction in the mid south. My mother called us, frantic that we were caught in the malstrom but relived we were safe.

My son B loved the train museum in Chattanooga, but it was a let down for me. I was looking for a bigger exibit.

Thats it for now. Ball game tomorrow.

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