Monday, April 03, 2006


I had this whole post written when I lost my connection. I saved part of it but lost some.

Isn’t it crazy how we can be attacked by our own emotions while playing a game! Just a week ago I was spewing loads of trash about needing a new cup to protect my nuts. Questioning my playing ability vs. the lemmings of the world. Now I feel great because I’ve had a few good sessions at the micro level. I’m not God but I play one on the felt. The real issue is if I can stay focused after I get back in a comfort zone. At this point I just want to get back to the $60 mark. Right now I’m sitting at around $30 and looking to continue my prosperous ways.

Looking at my play I think that an area of concern is card selection. I need to open up more in late position and tighten up early. My play from the blinds has been ultra-crap as I’ve been completing bets and calling raises without regard to the other players at the table. The real adjustment I need to make is to raise/fold some of these situations. A raise or a re-raise can disguise my holdings and force the other players to respect my position.

I have this for those three or four people who read my blog. I will be in Apollo Beach, Florida from the April 9th thru the 12th. I’m just curious if there are any bloggers down there and if there might be a game I could attend. I believe
Gracie is someplace down there but I’m not sure of anyone else.

Here is the summary of what I lost.

Go Cubs, Sox, and anyone playing the Cards.

Baseball is spring to me.

The girls had fun at the tourney and learned a lot also.

Insert picture here

Insert picture here.

A coach yelled at a girl for not hustling and I reminded the girls that we wont yell if they hustle.

There was much more detail then this but I'm not doing it over.

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