Saturday, December 22, 2007

X-Mas KORD Winner

Again, I fail to reclaim my title of KORD as SLB159 takes the title. He outlasted a field of 13 players to take down his first win in this event. He beat out Margari789 in a very good heads up duel that saw SLB give up the big chip lead only to see him fight back and win the event. Margari789 made it to heads up without, I believe, getting one knockout in the tourney. Bayne earned the last cash spot by playing his usual solid game. Bayne also one the $10 bounty for knocking out Surflexus.

I want to say thanks to everyone who came out and played. I think I will keep the format the same because I kind of like the whole knockout thing. We had a couple of unknown players, including Margari789, get into the mix tonight like smurfberry, alex j beeson and elgorde which were all nice additions to the field. And with the ATL connection hitting the tourney, Georgia was well represented.

As for me, I bubbled again. That is two in a row. Anyway, the results for the year based on top 10 finishes are below.

I don’t know what this means other that I’m really good at missing the prize. Congratulations to the money winners this year and we’ll see you next year at the monthly KORD.


smurfberry said...

That was fun. I loved the knockout format, even though I didn't manage to knockout anyone. I completely forgot about the tournament and showed about about 40 minutes and 300 chips short and had to struggle to stay in the game as long as I did. I'll definitely be back for the next one.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Thanks for coming out. It is a lot of fun adding the knockouts.