Sunday, December 23, 2007


I played a little last night. Started with a $5 Rebuy and had a slightly below average stack after the first break. As we got closer to the money I was short but had equity. I turned up the aggression and stole blinds to chip up a little. I eventually ran in to A4 with my K8. I never really got anything going as I missed a bunch of flops and as in scranmble mode for much of the tourney. A bit later I donked out of a knockout tourney when I over played AK and lost a coin flip when I didn't need to do it.

Eventually I hoped into the Razz 2K and made a nice run. With a nice stack I triple bricked with A234 to end with a 9 and lost to an 8. That hurt because a few hands later I got involved in a hand with Jim Mcmanus and would have busted him if I hadn't been short the 3500 chips I had a few minutes earlier. Winning the pro bounty would have been but I really wanted the t-shirt. He busted out on the next hand. Anyway, I missed the cash by a couple spots but played as well as I have in a while.

I took a break and signed up for the deepstack PLO tourney at 9:45. I have final tabled this a few times and I really like the deep stack structure. SLB and I had been chatting and I got him to join me for some fun. Anyway, a few hours later and we were both sitting on the final table.

I hit a big hand against him near the final table bubble but he battled back and was knocked out in 8th. I battled hard and picked my spots and eventually got heads up. In the end I ended here.

It was a lot of fun but I wanted the win. I got very lucky vs. the big stack near the final table bubble when myKKxx beat AAxx when I hit a runner-runner straight.

Have a great holiday.

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jusdealem said...

Nice job in the PLO! Merry Christmas :)