Monday, December 10, 2007

Coming Back From the Dead

It was a strange weekend with all the bloggers gone. I sat around with almost nobody to rail and felt deep pitted envy as people congregated at the WPBT Winter Weekend.

So Friday night I went and watched a R&B band play at a venue not to far from the house. they rocked pretty good but don't ask me the name of there group...I don't remember. Anyway, we got home without incident and I called it a night. I may have played a little but I don't remember playing.

Saturday I drove Speedy and Mrs. PE to the train station for their overnight trip to Chicago. My son really wanted to go and even packed a bag but in the end relented and stayed with me. From there we headed to pitching practice followed by a trip to the YMCA to sign my son up for basketball. He is such a little sports fanatic. Anyway, after some lunch and a trip to the movie store, I was home with my two remaining kids for the night.

My son through on his movie, something about hot wheels I think, and Softball E. went upstairs to hide like teenagers do so I fired up the laptop for a bit. I jumped onto Ultimate Bet to see what I had left there and saw a whole $5.65. I had withdrawn most of my bankroll from there months ago but left $50 to donk around with when I didn't feel like paying attention. So I jumped into a $5.50 PLO tourney for the last of my roll and what do you know...I ended up in 2nd place. It was a fun tourney in that the players liked to limp into pots and would fold most everything. this worked out well after the blinds got high and I moved into the top 10. As the tourney came to a close I picked my spots and had an even stack with my opponent when we got heads-up. This guy liked to limp so I raised a lot and after a while he got sick of it and pushed back with his QJ77. I had AAQJ but couldn't take it down as he spiked a set. It was all over a few hands later.

At some point during this tourney I opened a $3 knockout on Full Tilt. To make a long story short I went deep in it also with another 2nd place finish. This one hurt the same as the other one as we got it all in with each of us holding top pair but I had the better kicker but he caught his kicker and I went home. Still, 2 for 2 final tables is always nice.

after this we had dinner and watch a movie. At some point I fired up the $3 rebuy and made another nice run but missed the final table. In this one I was chip leader for much of the middle stages as a super donkey kept paying me off.he would then chip back up vs, other players and pay me off again. I eventually had to bust him but he helped me out a lot. My down fall was trying a resteal and ending up in a coin flip that lost. I had targeted the big stack and made my movie knowing he wouldn't fold. He woke up with JJ vs. my KQ and I couldn't catch up. I could have folded to a final 2 table finish but I really thought I was ahead considering his 60% flop seen numbers. You have to win a coin flip to go deep.

The rest of the weekend was spent picking up the wife and kid and going to a christmas gathering with friends. I even did most of the stuff on my honey do list so I have that going for me.


liveplayer said...

Can you explain how ecery time I have a huge lead pre-flop , like AQ suited against say A3off.. I always come up a loser on full tilt?

The Poker Enthusiast said...

that happens about 20% of the time. If you go back and check the number of three outers that hit vs the number of times you are good, statistically you will be about right. We just remember the suckouts.