Monday, December 03, 2007

Typical Overall

Sometimes the weekends are good while other times they are bad. With the winter weather coming in I wasn’t sure how last weekend would end up but I guess it was ok overall.

Friday night I arrived home from work and loaded everyone into the car for the holiday under the stars event that my town puts on every year. It is semi boring but the kids have a good time and it takes place down town so we can head into a couple of the bars and have a warming drink if needed. Anyway, it sounded like the added a few things by putting things in the town square so we parked at the middle school and took the shuttle to our destination. There was a tent for arts and crafts and other similar things as well as cookies and hot chocolate but it was at least 100 people deep and the tent was packed so we didn’t stop. There was also an ice skating rink…er…and area that had plywood with water frozen on it where the kids could rent skates and go ice skating. That was a joke so the last thing was the Santa line. It was the longest line ever so instead of waiting we made the decision to head down town, a few blocks away, and see what there was to do down there. The place was a ghost town and all of the businesses were closed except the bars and the one place there is to eat. At this point I am very disappointed because a hot drink with a shot of random alcohol was what I needed on the cold blowing night. In the end we headed back to the shuttle, jumped into the van and went and got some hot chocolate and/or various flavored coffees at the coffee shop down the road. By the time we got home the donkament had started so I didn’t even have that to settle into for the night.

I did have a conference invitation sitting on my screen when I got back and I chatted with random bloggers playing various games of skill on Full Tilt. Eventually, GCox, Numbono, IT, Surf, HOP, and I got a last longer bet going on the $5 Razz tourney. In the end Surf took down the last longer and ended the tourney in 3rd place for a nice little prize. The evening ended for me on the Razz cash table where I ended up almost 3 buy-ins with the great skills I posses.

Saturday I put up some outside Christmas stuff in the sleet and snow but I refused to put the lights on the gutters. The ladder was no place to be with ice growing everywhere and we instead started putting up all the inside stuff. We got much of it done and only had 4,271 fights as we tired of the chore. The evening ended with me playing a little but having a great time as IT, Surf, NB and I had a last shorter bet going for the $1 Fergie on Full Tilt. The first one out wins $5 from the other players unless he is the very last overall and then it is $10. I get dealt T5 UTG and push. One player calls me with 44 but I hit a T on the flop. Praying for a 4 I realize the guy needs one more diamond on the river to hit a flush and he does to knock me out. Everyone else is still alive and I take it down. I missed the last spot overall by 1 place. Still, I made money so all is good.

Sunday was normal and with the weather improving a little I put up the lights on the gutters before heading to a friends house to watch some football. When the game was over I headed to a softball meeting to get voted into the Director of Softball position and then went to the bar for a couple of drinks to end the evening. By the time I got home it was almost 10 and so I sat down, watched a little T.V. and crashed like a rock around midnight. Pretty much a typical weekend with a couple of drinks added.

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