Friday, December 07, 2007


I played the Riverchasers last night and did well early. It started with KQ in the big blind when I called a late position raise. This raise could be an early steal but more than likely any ace, any two face cards or some kind of connecters. The flop comes Q72 and I bet 180 into a pot of 225. My opponent come back over the top to 750 and I tank. I ask my self if this is him representing TPTK or maybe a flush draw with the 2 clubs on the board? He could have a pocket pair. I re-raise to 1500 and he eventually folds. This was a good start to the tourney. I probably fold if he pushes.

The next nice hand I get is 69 in the BB. The flop comes Q99 and I check raise my opponents raisefrom240 to 400 inducing a call. I don't want to see another Q though. The turn is a 3 and I make a pot size bet and he folds. The biggest hand of the day was getting a free look from the BB with 53 off suit. In a blind vs. blind hand I flopped an OESDwith the flop of 468 2 spades. The SB bets out and I call getting the right odds. The turn is a 7 giving me the straight but putting a flush draw on the board. The SB pushes 1500 into the pot and I think a bit. He could push with the flush but can I get away from it. I will still have chips left and I can stack him if he doesn't. It costs me 1500 to win 2100 and I think I am ahead at this point. I'm more worried about a higher straight than the flush but I make the call and he has top 2 pair and I hold up.

I lost my first big pot when I completed from the SB with QT suited. The flop is T46 and I bet out and the BB pushed. I should have folded but I couldn't pull the trigger and he showed AT. Down to 2400 chips at this point and I go into aggressive mode. I started picking random hands to raise with and eventually got a call when I held KJ suited but by a QJ and I double up to 5.5K. A couple of hands later the cut off raise while I am sitting on the buttona and I push with KQ figuring this to be a big stack steal. It isn't often that you are actually stealing with AA and even though I flopped a K, I was done.

We'll thats it for this week. I have one other post to put up either today or tomorrow but after that I'm done writing until Monday...unless I change my mind. And to all you bloggers in Vegas...Have a great time.

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