Friday, December 21, 2007

We have a Winner and the X-Mas KORD

We have A winner. I watched the whole tourney with all three screens up(what a loser I am) and saw some good play, some bad play, some tiltish play and some suckouts. There were coolers and commenters. There were card racks and card deadness. Weak/tight play and agro pushers. In the end we saw one tight aggressive player vs. another tight aggressive player. Funny how good solid play comes to the top. Congrates to Jeci on winning the trip.

Reading through some of the predictions I saw that few people felt huntsvegas had much of a chance. I don't really know him but have blogged a little bit about him when he and surf went to Tunica and so I had a little interest just because of those circumstances. He led the way through much of this tourney and accumulated chips through out. He got crippled after a calling a push at one point and came back to take the lead. Well played and an unlucky cooler at the end.

Just a reminder that the X-Mas KORD is tonight at 8:30 central time. It is a knockout tourney and should be a lot of fun as Razz is such a skill game. Surf put a bounty on his own head and I will throw A little extra to the winner as well as posting a banner in the winners honor. The password is pokere and only cost $7.70($2 bounty on each player) on Full Tilt.

Have a great weekend.

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SirFWALGMan said...

I believe only one genius picked the winner..... thank you.. thank you.. yes.. no stop cheering..