Monday, December 17, 2007

At Home and on the Tables

Busy, busy, busy is all I can say. I have an audit on Wednesday so I probably won't have time to write much. I do have a couple of things to write about so let us get started.

First off, we bought my son a couple of floor hockey sticks because kids should be able to play with weapons. Anyway, we were playing in the basement and I was kicking his 6 year-old butt when the puck went into the corner. Now when I played hockey I always enjoyed the physical nature of the game so when he slashed me across the shin I brought the butt end of the stick into his forehead. As he grabbed his face in pain I gave him a hip check and proceeded to hit a wrist shot into the corner of the net to take a 19-0 lead. The little punk kept crying so the game was declared a forfeit and I skated to the bench as the trainer(mom) came to check him out. This was just a decoy as he slide the puck to his forehand and scored to ruin the shutout. I was so pissed I cross checked him into the foosball table. Little one-legged men flew everywhere as his 48 pound body slammed into the corner of the table. He got his goal but I got my revenge. (This is fabrication of the truth and in no way be considered real. He actually kicked my ass by dropping down to one knee and flipping me over onto my back as he slashed me across the chest. Little bastard)

We did play down stairs and I did hit him above the eye with the butt end of the stick but he shook it off and continued to play. No blood, no stitches and no bumps. Maybe I'll get him onto a floor hockey team at the YMCA.

Most of the drama that has happened over the last few weeks has died down. We had a talk with Speedy E about some of the things that happened and the repercussions of her actions. She has been going through a testing phase and had failed the test. I think she is trying to get back to a passing grade but she still has to be careful about what she does. I remind her of our discussion when she gets close to the edge and for now it is working.

Softball E is being taught new pitches which is a good sign. Her mechanics are in check and thus she can add more to her skill set. But we also found out she might need glasses. She has trouble seeing certain things and after her trip to the eye doctor, we will know more.

Now I have a poker situation. you are 6 players from the money with a slightly below average stack. You will money for sure if you fold your hand on the big blind. An early position player limps to 400 and the big stack raises to 1000. He has shown some good hands but has been hit in the face by the deck. It is folded to you in the BB and you see 9T of hearts. if you fold you have 6700 chips. If you call you have 6100. What do you do?

I called and so did the limper. About 3400 in the pot. The flop comes 8h7h4c. What do you do?

Lets go over the action to this point. Pre-flop I called for a few reasons. I was getting a good price with sooted connectors and I knew the limper would call giving me better odds. I put the player on a premium hand but the implied odds were to good this late. I can still fold if the flop misses me and get to the money. I have already doubled through the big stack twice so I know he has trouble throwing away a good starting hand. I also know that he could have a respect for me because I showed the better hand each time. When the flop comes I look at my outs and see that any heart gives me the flush, I have two over-cards, and I have six other outs on the straight draw. If both players hold cards like AK,AQ,KQ or AJ then I have 21 outs to a better hand. Big stack doesn't have a medium pair...he would have raised much bigger or limped. original limper could have a pocket pair but he over valued them so I think he would have raised with a pocket pair. The only draw back here is if someone has two hearts with one being bigger than mine. I still have 12 outs if my range of hands is correct which gives me about a 50% chance of taking the lead. When all is said and done I have a few choices in my action, being first to act. I can check call, check fold, bet call, bet fold or push. I can't fold here because I have way to many outs, unless I just want to cash. Check calling might be an option but and bet will commit me to the pot(I left out check raise because anyone who bet would be committed to the pot). Any bet would commit me to the pot for the most part so I took what I though was about a coin flip and pushed with all my outs. If the limped has Ax suited he isn't getting odds to call and the big stack will only call with a big pocket pair and I am ahead of that based on the number of outs I have. Well, the limper had A5 of hearts killing some of my outs and the big stack had KK. so I had 8 outs and had to avoid the rest of the hearts. The KK was in a terrible position even though he had the best hand. In the end I got the odds for the play but it didn't come through and the KK won. I looked at this as a chance to gain a ton of chips even though I'm taking a chance at not cashing. Was this a good move or a bad move. I think I make 2.5 times my buy-in if I fold the hand and play for the cash. I had a chance at the final table and the bigger money it has if I hit the hand. I think I played it the right way. If the dude doesn't have A5 hearts then he folds and thus the big stack has to make a call vs. a guy who has double through him twice already. I only need this to win 1/3 of the time to be the right play and I think it will work at a higher rate.

That's all for today...have a great day.


slb159 said...

I think it was Jordan who posted a similar situation about a year ago. One of the comments was from The Rooster...SHOVE.

The pot is well worth taking if everyone folds (which they wouldn't). You have a good 17 outs twice (hopefully...9 flush, 8 str8), ur 68% if u get a caller. Shove and hope u hit. If you do, ur going deep, if u don't, u go to bed knowing u made the right play and that the poker gods were just out on vacation at the time.

Reminds me of a hand I had against either Astin or drazz in a tourney...I shoved an OESFD on the flop and actually hit my str8 flush...weee...good times.

So there's my answer anyway...SHOVE

jusdealem said...

I really like your reasoning on the hand, but I would have folded pf. I don't really like suited connectors from the blinds, they're trouble hands for me. Especially that close to the money, I know I would've folded, but I am a tighty-whitey, so there ya go...don't listen to me LOL