Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have a couple things after a nice holiday vacation.

The Good

I made three final tables last night on a night I wasn’t even going to play. We got home from up north about 8:15 and so after getting the van emptied I was ready to play. I signed up for my favorite Razz tourney and for both the Mookie and the Dookie. After a couple hours of play I was on the final table of each event. . In the Mookie I chipped up early playing more hands than normal and got a big double up when in the SB. I had 66 and limped and the BB re-popped it. He had done that a couple of times so I pushed figuring he would fold his steal. He calls with AK but my 66 held. I won another big hand with JJ over TT and took the chip lead with QQ over 88. In the Dookie I really just played solid hands as I wasn’t focused on it and moved into 3rd and stayed there much of the tourney.

The Bad

I got a text message from work on Wednesday while I was ice fishing. The production manager was fired and so I will get to do some of the stuff that he use to do. More stuff on my plate.

The Ugly

Razz was Razz as I had chasers suck out and pay me off and I eventually went out 7th or 8th vs. a big stack with 2 pair showing with one of them being 9s and I was drawing to an 8 and missed. In the Mookie I went card dead and tried to make some moves. I ran AK into TT and lost to miss the money by a spot or two. In the Dookie I got all in like this

Fuel55 shows [As Jd Kd 5d]
mookie99 shows [6d Ah 5h 8s]
pokerenthusiast shows [Qh Ks 3c Ad]

Best high and low pre-flop is no good as fuel continued to dominate the Dookie.

So there you have it…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


Fuel55 said...

Go Fuel!!!!!!!!!!11

OhCaptain said...

Wow. Playing 3 final tables at the same time. Congrats on 3 games well played!

jusdealem said...

Very nice, PE. :)