Saturday, January 27, 2007

WTF Full Tilt

So it's Friday night and I get home after a great dinner with only my wife just in time to fire up Full Tilt and play a Razz Tourney. The only draw back is that their server is screwed and I can't get on. This is confirmed by Waffles and Iak so I have to got to UB. Now this OK cuz they just gave me $10 to play with for free. I used to play there along time ago but I haven't had money there in a while.

I started out earlier today grinding it up to $15.54 playing HORSE and HU RAZZ. SO a $2 tourney is ready to start and I last almost 45 minutes before an idiot thinks A3 is gold and busts my KK. Mean while I start the $1 re-buy madness and chip up really well. I'm at 12K at the add-on and take it to move up a little. Players are fulling and with 200 people left I get dealt KK again. Ass monkey pushes with hoy's favorite hand (AQ) and hits a boat.

Around the same time the $1 tourney started a $5 tourney went off and I signed on. It was a 100 player max with 10 places being paid. It was a thing of beauty the way I stayed in front of the blinds and slowly stayed alive. With 15 players left I get dealt KK and a shorty pushes. I was sitting in 5 place but had to call. I was knocked down to 12 place after that hand cuz a 4 flush is better than KK. I doubled back up when 77 beat A10 and eventually I got here.

I had little table equity but held tight and doubled with 1010. From that point on I stayed tight and got to this position.

I ended up going out in 3rd when my Q5 lost to Q10. But It was nice seeing this.

A nice 670 % boost to my free bankroll. Let's se if I can do something with it.

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