Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not Much to Say

I grind some Razz last night and broke even for the time I put in. Ialso play the Razz tourney I like to play and was sitting at the top of the list with 25 left before My good hands went to crap and I got busted out. The killer was losing 60% of my stack when I held a made 7 from 5th street and had raises flying at me from guys showing Jacks and tens up. Now I figure the each have a draw but I have a made 7 and have an A2357. I have a chance at the nut and a 6 while they each have a made 10 at best. One guy is drawing to and 8 and the other is drawing to a 7. The worst hand raises and we call. The other guy scoops as he hit his A2347 to scoop me on 7th street. He had 2 outs.

I was discussing this hand with a guy at work and he said that with my chip stack I should have just check called all the best to lessen a suckout. I don't agree because I felt I was way ahead, and was, and want these guys to put their money in with the worst hand. Sure I can lay back and lose 35 or 40 percent but don't I want to take advantage of their bad play. I'm going to win this many more time than lose and I would have held about 15% of the chips in play if I hit.

Anyway, I waited for good hands and played them hard but 4th and 5th street were unkind and I lost one hand when my A36 were no good vs. a shorty with 47T. I got knocked at the bubble but I felt that I played well and could have won based on my play.

I also watched another good run by surf in the 25k. He got bumped around 58th place as he did his Dan Harrington impersonation but just staying alive.

Is this really Surflexus. I've never seen them together at the same time.

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