Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Moooookie and Superheros

I wasn’t sure if I would play the Mookie last night. My son has bronchitis and was having trouble breathing. L also had softball practice so we had places to go and thing to do. So returning home after a trip to Menard’s to get a humidifier and picking up L after practice I still had work to do. I got the humidifier going, changed the furnace filter, and finally sit down with my son on my lap. After about 10 minutes he was sleeping so I laid him down and notice I have about 3 minutes to sign up for the Mookie, so I did.

It was the typical hard field and I moved up early with a combination of good cards and non-weak play. I Pushed NewinNov off a hand while sitting in the SB. I had 66 and called a raiser from yancypants. NewinNov was the BB and also called. The flop comes5Q7 and everyone checks. At this point I think I’m good but NewinNov may have a 7 or 5. The turn is a 3 and I decide to go for the check raise. I’m sure one of the two players will take a stab. NewinNov makes a pot size bet and yancy folds. I raise it to 750 and after much thought New folds. This puts me up to 1935.

A little later I called a 135 chip raise from NumbBono while holding 88. NewinNov also calls. The flop comes 3Q4 and NumbBono bets 320 into 400 + pot. This could be a continuation bet but I don’t have a great read on this guy so I eventually fold. NewinNov pushes with AQ and Numbo calls with KK. I could have lost some chips but would have sucked out to the tune of 5500 chips. I made the right decision.

I got moved to a new table and get involved with smokkee and columbo on the third hand when I raise it with pocket 9s from early position. The flop comes A54 and I have two options. I can play weak and check to the ace or bet and represent strength. I bet and they fold winning me 420 chips.

A few hands later I raise from middle position with AcKc and get called by gap86 who is a shorty. The flop comes T96 all clubs so I give gap86some rope and he pushes his last 425 in the middle with his 2nd pair and I gain another 1225 chips. Really a hand that played itself.

I made a re-steal vs. hacker59 when I held AK just before my big hand. I wake up with AA on the button and make a 3x raise. I’m hoping someone will think I’m stealing and push but hoy just calls. The flop comes J104 and hoy leads out 400 into a pot of 520. I view this as a testing bet because the flop was lower and I come over the top to 1200. He pushes and I call to see his 2 pair. I’m not good enough I guess to throw away aces. I figured him for a strong J and will lose chips many times in this situation. Can I get away from this hand? Anyway, I didn’t last much longer.

The 2nd chance event went much better. I doubled up early when I hit a set of 9s vs. Jacklivia and waited for some cards to play. Now this being a 6-handed turbo, my starting hands were a little looser than normal and it paid off later.

Mondogarage raises to 120, a min bet from 4th position and I call from the BB with 54 off suit. The flop comes down 769 with 2 spades and he bets 270. I smell continuation bet and make a smooth call to show strength and see his reaction on the turn. The turn is another 6 and we both check. Now I could have bet here to win the pot but I achieved my goal of seeing the river so I didn’t commit anymore chips. The river is a lovely 3 and I make a half pot bet. He folds. Now I could have checked here but I don’t think he would have committed any more chips. I was trying to give him value but I think he was done after my original call.

I made a similar play later against xkm1245 when I saw a free flop while holding J8 off suit. The flop comes 76T giving me a gut shot draw. He makes a pot size bet and I call. Now I could be way behind here but he could have bottom pair or just testing me. Anyway, the turn shows a K and he checks. Now it’s my turn to take a stab so I make a 2/3 bet and he folds. I could have escaped that hand if he shows aggression but took it down instead.

As we moved deeper into the tourney I got involved in a big hand vs. iam23skidoo. He was the big stack and playing many hands. He was on the SB so I had postion and make a 3x raise from UTG which he calls. With his stack he could have about anything but I know it isn’t a top hand or he would have re-raised me. The flop come TT7 and ski checks and I check. The turn is a Q giving me an open ended straight draw I make a bet of 1000 into a 1200 chip pot. I’m pretty much committed at this point. The river is an 8 and I have the straight. He hoy’s me and I call all-in and scoop. This was the hand that got me to the end.

I knocked out ski a little later when I got 1010 and raised it to 600. He pushed and I called. His A7 suited didn’t improve and I’m now the tourney chip leader.

When the final table started I was 2nd in chips. I won an early hand with KQ suited when I hit top pair and stole a few blinds with good and bad hands. I eventually Knocked out Mookie when my kq beat his q9 to get us into the money. I had half the chips in play with 3 of us left. A few hands into it I call from the SB with J9 suited and flop trip 9s. Delisox makes a small bet and I call. The turn is a king and I check push his big raise and I now have a huge lead. Three hands later it was over.

I played as well as I could for the most part and got good cards. I folded a couple of strong hands and stole blinds when I had a big stack. Good times.


I did the Super Hero and Villain test and found out that I am each of these.

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