Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things to Ponder

No poker last night. I spent my time watching American idol with the family and playing a video game with my son. And if there are donkey singers then they were singing last night. That’s all I can say about that.

I did watch JJ for a while as he played in my semi regular Razz event that I missed. His play was solid and the chaser followed him into a few bad beats but he raised from the felt and was top 10 when I left him at the first break. JJ has been fighting for position in the Razz King Wars and with a few more good showings will be able to stake his claim to the title and I covet. It will never happen because there is only one Razz King but everyone must have a goal.

Yesterday I checked out Click2pay while at lunch and they said I could sign up because I didn’t live in the United States based on my IP address. Now the last time I looked I was sitting in West Chicago at the time and thought maybe I had a teleportation spell cast on me that put me in Timbuktu. But then I saw the snow on the ground and realized I was still here. Timbuktu would be nice but the pay there sucks. Anyway, I figure this is based off of working for a Japanese company or something. I look at it again at home some time.

I was going to watch The State of the Union address last night but felt that playing with my son would be more fulfilling. Hearing people applaud at every other word spoken by President Bush didn’t seem to be all that great a time. It is all the same drivel anyway so I could just find an archive and pull up a previous speech and get the same thing.

Work is nuts as a punch in policy has been put into place for all employees….even managers. We are even required to punch out for lunch regardless of if we leave the building or not. You add this to the fact that there is no comp. time and I feel like a red headed stepchild. I understand that hourly employees should punch a clock but with all the hours I put in and donate i.e. spend the weekend flying to Japan, working long days there, and spending the next weekend flying home while having to use a vacation day the day before I leave is messed up. I’m not asking for the world, just understand that I worked hard to get to a managers position and that I am a grown-up for the most part. I guess I need a job that I can do at home so I can sleep in and lie about the time I work.

End rant.

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