Thursday, January 25, 2007

TheMoooookie and Razz

I played both Mookie events without any fan fair. It started bad in that I had complete crap for the first 3 orbits or so when I get pocket Jacks under the gun. Being the weak tight idiot I am, I limp into the pot and have to fold on the river because I didn’t raise the SB out of the hand. Then I get KK cracked by 63 on a flopped straight by my opponent. He raised from the button and I re-raised 3x his raise. Bad luck there. Anyway, I also played the 2nd chance event and didn’t last very long. It was stud h/l and being without the luck-box action didn’t help.

I also play the regular razz tourney I like to play and went out in the middle of the field. I chipped up early but didn’t get much for playable hands. In this tourney you get to a point that you have to make a stand and I did to no avail. Additionally I played in a $2 tourney and chipped up nice early and held the chip lead for a good portion of the tourney. But then I played 1010 like aces and got knocked out when I new I was behind. It was a $2 tourney and I made a stupid push. Anyway, the idiot winner types some rude comment in the chat box after I get beat and I go off. I’m on dumb-ass tilt and proceed to hit the Razz cash tables for a while.

This was a bad decision because the chasers were out in full force and hitting their cards. I dropped ¾ of a buy-in playing ½ so I move up to 3/6 to chase my loses for the night. This turned out to be a good move because I won back all my loses for the night plus some. The thing I noticed was that the play was super tight and that a good play could take advantage. In my case I hit good cards but I can see that the game here could be a money maker.

I tried to log on to Full Tilt this morning but couldn’t get on. They must have a server down or something because everything else seems to be working.


jjok said...

Sorry about the 36sooooooted hand......but it was fun for me.


mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing in The Mookie.