Monday, January 15, 2007

Just a Little Fun and Other Stuff

I made another final table in a Razz tourney over the weekend as well as going deep in one other tourney (26th place). The Razz tourney was very disturbing in that I hit the final table sitting in 3rd place and proceeded to miss every hand I got. A24 and 235 lost to shorties who came in with a J85 and a T92. So I double them up and lose part of my stack. All told I lost every hand at the final table and virtually every one of them started with 3 cards under an 8. In my deep run playing hold’em I played well by coming over the top of steals and pushing my edges. At the money bubble I had a good stack and caught pocket aces when a big stack tried a steal and doubled. I waited for my hands and continued to move up the ladder until I make a play at a pot when holding AJ. A player pushes and I call figuring it was a steal and it was. A7 is gold and I’m out.

So as far as the year goes to this point I’ve played 10 Razz tourneys and cashed in 4. Not a bad run and if you include the 3 final tables then it is really good. The play continues to be soft and I can see my self making a few more final tables in the near future. The way these players chase with inferior hands it mouth watering.


It was a wonderful morning yesterday as I walked out to the car and saw 1/2 an inch of ice on my car. It seems that the snow didn’t come but the freezing rain took its place. At least I didn’t have far to go and it didn’t knock out the power so I got to watch the Bears win. Super Rex was at the top of the hill and played a solid game. We’ll see if he can do it again. And I’m hoping for crappy weather next weekend so that the Saints attack can be put on ice.


I’m glad that the year has turned because that means baseball will be starting soon. Spring training will be here in like 5 or 6 weeks and I’m ready for it already. I need to see how the Cubs will spend another year of futility as I wait for them to get to the world Series.

L has been practicing softball and I am amazed at how getting even a half year older makes a big impact on a players skill level. She was one of the top players on here 12U team last year as an 11 year old but wow does she look good so far. I also think the fact that she grew about 5 inches and gained the strength that goes with it helped a lot also. She is also older and thus has gained more knowledge. I think she understands direction better and has a grasp on why we instruct and what those instructions will do for her. Right now she will be playing about 45 games or so on her travel team and maybe another 15 in a local league so that she can get some extra pitching in. anyway, I am so looking forward to her playing ball this summer and I know that she will have a great season.

M has decided to play in house softball but not travel ball. She didn’t have as much fun and didn’t like the time commitment that was needed. She is more of an individual when it comes to sports and I think her true calling will be in track or soccer. She is faster then hell and can run forever so either would be a great choice for her.

B will be playing ball for the first time this summer and he can not wait. He is going to be a player and wants to play catch or hit the ball at all times. By the end of October I was throwing the ball hard to him and he was hitting it almost every time. Not bad for 5. He lives for sports and can name every professional football, baseball, and basketball team there is. He’s trying to learn hockey now but we only Blackhawk games so it has been slow going.

That’s it for now and have a great day.

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slb159 said...

Those razz tourneys can be disheartening, but provide a chuckle in the long run, even when you lose.

Seems like even people who get to the final table think rolled trip two's is a good starting hand.

Well I'll be damned.

Nice work...tough hands to lose to.