Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Another Weekend

Friday was a day spent at home because of illness but that didn’t mean I didn’t take care of some business. By Friday afternoon I was felling better so I finished painting the basement and put together the foosball table the kids had received for Christmas….last year. It’s not that I procrastinate but I didn’t want to put it up before the room was done. We now have a place for the kids to go without destroying the house. The Enthusiast wife and I also went out on a date, that is without the kids, at a place called Mia Mori in a near by town. Our realtor gave us a gift card last year after getting the commissions from the house we sold and the house we bought so we ended up getting a good meal for free. I had the veal and it was spectacular. Now don’t go crazy on me about the cruelty involved with veal because it is probably only the second time in my life I’ve had it. I ended the evening playing pokah.

Saturday was a confusing day for all of us. L had a doctor’s appointment, a birthday party, and softball practice in back to back to back fashion. At the same time we had to help my mother move to her new home which was about 35 minutes away. In the end, grandma helped us out with L so the rest of us could help my mother. I still don’t know why we were there because she hired movers and thus my brother-in-law and I had nothing to do for the most part. We ended up making prop bets on who could through a small stuffed animal into various openings around the living room. Most of our time was spent tossing the little stuffed toy at a vase on an end-table. After each throw my son would bring back the projectile for the next throw. I ended up winning by 2 shots when all was said and done.

Sunday is a time for rest except when you have things to do. After church A&M had a Girl Scout thing so I was in charge of the other two kids getting their rooms cleaned. I’m pretty good a directing someone else doing work and they did a great job. As the evening approached I took L to her softball practice and B came along so we played catch as well. When we got home we watch Superman Returns and that was it.

The exciting life of the Poker Enthusiast in a nut shell.

I would have liked to play in the WPBT event but family does have to come first.

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