Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Luck Box is Good

Some times the world turns in your favor when you least expect it. I don’t know if that statement is truly relevant in this case but it was nice. I was working at home last night and decided to play a SNG before heading to bed. This isn’t amazing in its self but playing when not fully focused can cost money. Anyway, thought I was on my game as I called a raise from the big blind and hit middle pair on a low flop. I check called the flop with intentions of stealing the hand after the turn. The turn put a flush draw on the board and I check raised my opponent off the hand with my middle pair. I repeated this same action an orbit later vs. another opponent and I have an early chip lead without getting any cards. Later on I get JJ UTG and make a standard 3x raise. It’s folded to the SB who thinks for a second before pushing. She was short on chips and could be making this move with almost anything. Regardless, I was getting better than 2-1 and only feared 3 hands. She flipped over QQ and I’m now a shorter stack. I tightened up a little and looked for a chance to double. Eventually used my tighter image to steal blinds and maintain my chip stack until we got down to 4 players. One guy held a massive chip lead (8000) and me and one other guy were on life support. We took turns stealing each others blinds when I make the move with the Brunson. He called with A2 but a ten spiked on the flop and I’m now in a comfort zone. This when the game became a suck out fest with guy going in with the worst and coming out on top. The chips flew around the table until we eventually got to 3-handed. I held the chip lead and watched the third place guy put a tremendous beat on the second place guy. Heads up I had lost my lead but regained it with some luckbox action as my 64 suited was good vs. AQ when I tries a steal. He returned the favor when he hit a 4 flush and I got it back when I called his push when I held bottom pair after he made a raise pocket 10s. I hit a set on the turn and it was over.

Luck box action is fun.

I made a nice run in a RAZZ tourney but failed to cash. I was the chip leader about 10 from the money and got beat by chasers on consecutive hands to put a dent in my stack. In both cases I was ahead but vulnerable and my hands didn’t hold up. Winning either hand would have kept me in good position but it wasn’t to be. I eventually got knocked out when in the same fashion pushing against a big stack with the lead and a great draw and not hitting what I needed.

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