Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Year to Date Has Been Good

So, I’m through with 8 months of the year and I wonder how I’m doing. I thought I’d go through all the information and see if I have had any success.

In January I started new with a new account and a new attitude. I cashed in 23 % of the tournaments I played and ended the month at break even over two different sites. My biggest cash was $88 and if it wasn’t for two final tables I would have lost a chunk. NL hold’em was my best event for the month and I dabbled in the Razz and Horse field a little.

February was a solid month for me. I final tabled numerous events and the beginning of my love for Razz. I also do well in Horse and Hold’em with my biggest cash for the month in Hold’em at $187. Felt very good about my play in February.

March was very good again with good runs in hold’em and in Razz/Horse. My big cash was for $268 on UB and I cashed out almost all that I had there. I have enough to play a tourney now and then but most of it is for donking. I’m realizing at this point that I can make some money playing Razz and Horse.

April was a solid month with one $100 plus win in hold’em. It’s also the beginning of ball season and my games played drops in half. I played some Razz and Horse with little luck but do well in Hold’em. I up good chunk at this point for the year.

May comes and I get away from Razz and Horse for some reason. My biggest cash is $10 and I drop like a rock. I have lost all confidence in my game. I dread playing because I can only play at night maybe one night a week so I overplay everything.

June is a slow month for poker. I play a dozen tourneys and cash in 2. I realized that softball was getting in the way of playing so I played for fun and didn’t over commit to the game. Only played one Horse tourney.

July was more of the same as I played some low buy-in stuff for fun. I knew that I couldn’t focus on the game so I quit trying to do to much. Started a challenge with another blogger who shall remain nameless.

August came and I was ready to focus. Softball was over and I jumped back into the game and the challenge with determination. The month started of stagnant but a good run at the end of the month with a handful of final tables and a $287 win gave me a huge month for me.

As I look back over the year to date I’ve had a solid year. My ROI is at 16% at Full Tilt and 35% overall. If I take out my summer of idiocy then I could be at 40% or higher. But where does it go? I would have thought it I had more money but I didn’t have much when I started.

I also think the challenge helped me to get back into focus in a hurry. The challenge is a way to compare results and work on our game together while keeping me from doing things I shouldn’t. I think we’ve both gained from the experience and kept us within our game..

So, I think things are going well. Next up are the big scores that will put me into another zone.

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