Monday, September 17, 2007

No Charger...No Poker...Well Maybe A Little

The weekend started bad for me in that I forgot my charger for my laptop at work. The consequences of that are not being able to sit in my lounge chair with the tv on play poker. Sure, I have a desk top at home but with three kids it is hard to find time for me on that computer so I was left with virtually no play on the night. I did get a call from a buddy so we fired up a sng around 11:00 but that was it for the night. Overall, the only good thing for the evening was going to dinner for my son's birthday and hanging out with the family...and those were fun things to do.

Saturday was the usual stuff, Soccer in the morning, BE had 4 goals, followed by cheerleading but a new wrinkle came in the afternoon. Baseball Enthusiast had his kids birthday party which happened to be a Star Wars theme. We found a guy who dresses up like Darth Vader and got a Storm Trooper and had them show up to the party. The kids had a blast and we took some great pictures. The kids asked some great questions about the planets and the Death Star and I thing they all had a ton of fun.

Saturday night I fired up the Laptop thinking I had about four hours I could play before I ran out of juice. I jumped onto the token Razz tourney and got hit with every brick in the deck. I lasted a while but I never did get any traction and as I left the table some idiot makes a comment that I felt was idiotic. I proceeded to drop to his level and but in that I mocked him. I looked up his tourney stats and realized he had a ROI of 40% and told him I thought he must be good with an ROI like that. After further review I saw He had a tourney ITM % of 13% and that He had one big win...If you took that away he was a losing player...I made that observation on the table and went away. I checked a little later and he didn't cash after donking of a nice stack. Anyway, I played another token event and was almost crippled when my turned nut flush got rivered by a straight flush. I lasted a bit longer but ended up calling from the BB with any two cards because I was getting about 10-1 on my money. I hit top pair crappy kicker and lost as a guy with over cards called my push and hit his king.

One last attempt for the night saw me go deep and end the evening with a final table and a 4th place finish. This may have been one of the best final tables I've played on. When we were down to five players the action was hot and heavy as each of us looked for an opportunity to move up. We lasted this way for at least 35 minutes until one guy made a mistake. With four left we continued to make moves and look for a spot. I end up getting AA on the button and limp hoping for the big stack to come over the top. He checked and the flop came Q high. He bet at the pot and I pushed and he shows Q4. A 4 on the turn ended my night but overall I was very happy with my play.

Sunday was church followed by softball like every other fall Sunday. We had the pleasure of watching Softball E. come back from a shaky performance last week and shut down the other team. She gave up 2 run and struck out 10 in her 4 innings of work and had both her change and drop ball working like a charm. They won the 1st game 8-5. The 2nd game was a little different in that they lost for the first time this year. It was a good game until late when they gave up 5 runs on a couple of errors. The final was 9-3 and my daughter pitch solidly in the game.

The only down side to all of this is that I don't get to watch the Bears play.

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