Friday, September 21, 2007

Reunions and Playing in the WCOOP


Got a few hand and the donkeys paid me off...still below average but moving up.


Getting ready for the 4th hour. I was card dead and now need a hand before to long. 2 hands and I'll be above average.

fist break I'm average stacked. I have 3 real donkeys at the table and 4 solid players.

I'm a little below average at the 2nd break. The donks keep passing chips back and fourth. I got burnt on 7th street to knock me down by 700 otherwise I'd be up.

Well it’s Friday and another workweek is almost over. The good news is that I’ll be playing poker tonight in the WCOOP Razz Event on Stars. This will be my biggest buy-in that I’ve played and even though it may not be good bankroll management, I think taking this shot is well worth it.

We start off with 3K chips and 30 minute blind levels so if I do the math correctly I’ll be playing for at least 10 hours tonight and probably more before I take this bad boy down. I think I’ll play my regular game and play tight for the first few hours when the chips involved are not very significant. After the blinds move up I may open the game a little but I plan on playing my good hands strong and getting away when I brick. The key will be getting good reads on my opponents and putting them on hands. If I can isolate on a few donkeys I will and try to move up the ladder as I usually do. I have all the confidence in the world that I will cash but we shall see how it ends up. I may try to live blog this thing but that may prove to be harder than I want it to be. Overall, I don’t think I’ll play anything else tonight.

Saturday I have a class reunion of sorts to attend. It is for everyone who graduated in the 80’s and since I graduated in 85 in a school with 250 students in it, I should know almost everyone there. It should be a good time.

Other than that we have the usual soccer, cheerleading and softball stuff going on so it will be a typical weekend at the Poker Enthusiast’s house.

Have a great weekend.


jusdealem said...

Good luck in the Razz tourney. 10 hrs or more? Geez, that's a long tournament! Nice banner.

4dbirds said...

Good gawd, 250 students in the entire school? I don't remember anybody from my HS.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...


I lost a race last night QQ versus AK but I had fun.

I'll try and railbird you later.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I'll have my yahoo open so send me an IM

23skidoo said...

Good luck bud!