Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Blog Father and The Dookie

I got pimped by the Blog Father him self yesterday. I feel like a virgin and my wedding night.

I didn't do well yesterday. I played in a few tourneys and my good luck changed back to suck outs and coolers. I chipped up early in one tourney before running KK into AA. I chipped back up to run KK into AA again and finally got knocked out when my flopped set ran into a flush draw that came through. Playing razz was also no good as my made 65432 ran into a chased 6542A. That one was a killer because I was capping itfrom 4th steet on. more coplaining abouts cards.

Some how I hurt my back. I woke up and had to roll out of bed. I just got home from the Doc. and I'm on Flexeril and ready to relax a bit.

I forgot to pimp the Mookie yesterday. My bad. Anyway, I didn't play the main event but played the Dookie which was Omaha high PL. Being that Omaha has been my game as of late it shouldn't be far fetched that I cashed...and I did. I got heads up with Hoy and we traded chips for a bit. On the final hand I flopped the nut straight and bet out and he called. The turn paired the board and I bet and he came over the top. I knew he had the boat and even called it but with the blinds high I called in hopes of a semi bluff. So my night ended well I guess.

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