Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going Deep and a Little Blogger Poker

I had some great responses to my question and I want to thank each of you for your input.

I think that in my case using Poker Office is more of a method to track my play and to look for situations that have me playing at less than an optimal level. If I played cash game more than I do then I would use the software to data mine but I’m not a big cash game player.

Last night was a good night in that Wednesday is Mookie night and a chance to play against some quality players? I donked out when I didn’t re-raise a guy who I knew was playing at me. I hit top pair and he hit bottom 2 pair with 76. Anyway, I was busy going deep in another Razz tourney so I didn’t have time to worry about my misstep. I ended the Razz tourney in 2nd for another final table in the tourney of donks and getting a nice return on a small buy-in. I also played the mighty Dookie which was Omaha hl NL. This the same type of tourney that I won a few weeks back so I was sure I would go deep. The cards didn’t agree for much of the tourney but I hit a few hands in the 2nd hour and even took the chip lead for a while before surviving a long money bubble and finishing in 3rd.

That was my night…how was yours?


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Uh.... should have called your all ins several times.




JL514 said...

damn, hell of a night PE! Keep it up man, congrats