Monday, September 10, 2007

A Little Poker and the Weekend

I didn't play any poker other a little NL cash over he weekend. It was a weekend of hell over all as I battled through my sore back to attend all of the family functions we had lined up.

Saturday started with Baseball Enthusiast playing his first soccer game of the year. If you recall, he played for the first time last year and scored about 3 goals a game for the season. He wasn't the fastest player but played hard all the time and used both feet well. Anyway, a year can make a huge difference and it did in his case. He was all over the field and moved around players with easy. I was amazed at how fast he had become and he peppered a ton of shots on goal. The problem was the 5 players on his team that would stand around and watch the ball. Other than he and 2 other kids, there are a bunch of wall flowers on the team. The other team scored goals when the goalie layed on the ground to look at some ants or something like that. So he lost his first game ever in soccer but he played well and I think thay all had fun. After the game I asked him if he got tired and he said he did at the end of the game. So we talked about getting tired and he asked how do you stop getting tired. I told him he needed to run more so his body got used to it. When we got home he ran sprints in the back yard to get into better shape. And it was his idea.

So after soccer we went to watch Speedy Enthusiast cheer lead for football. It was fun to watch the girls trying to do all the cheers and even try some low level lifts. The best part for me was watching the little football players flying around the field laying hits on each other. I would have loved to do this as a kid but we didn't have football in my town so I never had the chance. Anyway, S E has a lot of fun doing the cheering thing and she also gets to hang out with her friends.

Sunday Saw Softball E. playing her old team in a double header. She started the game at pitcher but struggled to throw strikes. She was pulled before it got really bad and her team come back to win the game. I think she was trying to hard to do well. Anyway, She also pitched in the 2nd game and did better so the nerves she had in the beginning went away and she controlled her part of the second game. Overall she had 4 hits in 5 at bats and her new team licked butt.

We also had a birthday party for Baseball E. later in the day. He will be 6 later this week and we had our family party. He got so much stuff that he didn't know what to do with it. The best stuff was the Star Wars stuff that he got. The toys of today are so much better than we had as kids it is crazy. I'm hoping he'll get a Milenium Falcon for his kids party next weekend.

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