Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Rule at Donkey Games

I played one tourney last night. What do you think it was? was Razz.

I went deep again and missed the final table by 2 spots. You know I feel I'm going to make a final table every time I play this game. That seems crazy but with the bad play out there and the limit structure I can weather the dead times and take advantage of the good times. I guess I don't understand how so many people can continue to throw money at this game when they actually suck at it. Does that mean I don't ever get lucky? I have my moments but I know how to throw away a hand most of the time. The hand that killed me was chasing a nut draw late when my opponent had a draw to a 9.

There is a good chance that I may play the WCOOP Razz event on Stars this Friday. I have to leave work early to do it and the buy-in is a little high for my roll but I know I have a good shot at going deep. I'll find out tomorrow if I can do it.


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Dajo said...

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PS: Hope to see you on Friday at the RAZZ-event...