Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When it Bleeds it Pours

So, Sunday everyone went to Wisconsin to my in-laws place up there. The in-laws have a house, not a cabin, on a nice sized little lake and the kids wanted to go there for spring break. I had to work on Monday so I stayed home alone while they went sledding and played in the fresh snow that had just fallen the day before. Mrs. PE’s dad drove up there for her because of her eye bur she was well enough to drive home on Monday night.

She finally had a good night of sleep and made it home with no problems. We got the kids ready for bed and hung out watching a movie. That’s when she started to bleed tears. She wasn’t actually crying but there was a release of blood from around her eye as the swelling gave way in a red mess running down her cheek. She wasn’t to freaked out other then the fact that it looked gross as hell. My oldest daughter had to leave the room until it was cleaned up for fear of throwing up.

I’ll take evenings like that because I really missed them while they were gone.

1 comment:

BamBam said...

The sight of that would be a bit difficult, to say the least!

But I do have to say, I love your attitude!