Thursday, March 13, 2008

Donking Up Some Omaha and the Mookie

The night started off with me jumping into a nice cheap $2 MTT to get thing started. I’m maybe 15 minutes into it when I find Q7 on the BB. It is folded to the SB who calls and I check. The flop is A7A and the SB blind leads out. No considering that this is a $2 tourney, the skill level is such that I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have an ace. I call his bet with my 7 paring the board. This is a place that I will almost always re-raise but I felt I could get a little more from him. Anyway, the turn is 3 and he bets again…about half the pot so I re-raise a bit more then the pot. He insta pushes and I have to make a decision. I go back over it in my head a bit and I can’t see that he has anything, his shove is trying to make me think he has an A when he has air. I call and he shows JT for nothing. He hits a J and I go home. Now I know you are not supposed to lose your chips in an unraised battle of the blinds but how cane he think he is ahead. I prolly should have bet the flop but he would more than likely push so it works out the same other then I could have folded the better hand. Just frustrating.

I was actually really pissed after that because I felt like the worst poker player ever. So I joined a PLO o8 tourney because it is more like playing bingo and anyone can win at bingo. I hit my first big hand when I was dealt 8h 2s 9c Jc in the SB and saw a flop of 7d Ts 6s. It is about as wrapped as you can get. Two of us saw the turn after an early position raise and I hit a straight. It wasn’t the nut thought but I put the raiser on the low draw. As it turned out he had a gutter ball that hit when a 9 came on the turn and I had the bigger straight. I chipped up with some smaller pots when I look down and see 2h 5h 6c Ad in the BB. Four of us saw the raised pot that gave me the nut low and the weak side of an OESD. In the end I split the low end with a short stack and scooped the bigger end side to move way up to over 7K. I hung around that level until catching a nice a ¾ pot to move to 11K. I started to lose traction and was down to 7.7K when I doubled with a scoop vs. an agro goof. I stayed at that level until the final table.

The final table was a little tough in that I was short but I worked hard. I had a couple of timely doubles and was in position to make the top two even but as you know…when the blinds get big that you are committed to just about any raising hand and I raised my AK63 double suited into A2JJ and lost. There was a short stack that out lasted me but the difference between 3rd and 4th was on $20 while 4th and 2nd was $65 I wanted to be in position to get at least 2nd so I really don’t mind getting it in there. I ended in 4th but thats OK. I have to thank Riggs, IT and surf for railing. If I missed someone else then let me know and I can give you props.

I also played the Mookie and made the top 40 or so but tried a resteal vs. Lucko and my game was over.

Still, not a bad night overall.

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