Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy, Busy

After a busy weekend of driving around I think things are starting to return to normal. It nice to have a lot of things to do but last weekend was crazy. Friday I drove to a customer’s plant and did a review of there process. It was 300 miles each way and with a snowstorm coming I got in an out of there as fast as possible. There was about an inch of snow on my car when I left but as I drove back home the snow went away and I made it home with no problems.

I spent playing some tourneys and did well in the Razz 2K with a final table. I ran a little card dead at the end to keep me from getting a little deeper. I also played some Omaha and did ok but didn’t cash. Ran on OESFD and the nut low draw but missed my 14,732 outs and lost to his 66xx that was good.

Saturday was spent running to the lawyers and then taking Softball E. to pitching and hitting practice. I flew from there to a coach’s clinic I was involved in and had to miss my son’s hockey game. Grandma had to pick up softball E. and get her costume for the musical she is in for school. I finally got home at some point and played that night. Had a couple of deep run cashes in hold’em but nothing huge. Got killed by a four flush with my AK vs. AQ in another tourney. That one hurt. Anyway, had a solid night overall. Also played the Bronze Freeroll for 7 hands when my over pair lost to top pair crap kicker when he hit a 5 outer.

Sunday was more softball clinics but this time it was for the players. We had 100 plus girls show up for some instruction from the high school coaching staff as well as league reps. It was a great turnout and we look to improve upon it for next year.

Have a great day.

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