Thursday, March 06, 2008

Getting Back on the Horse

Life is returning to semi normalcy after a couple of tough days. I was hoping for a crisis at work to help me get through my first day back but things actually went well. I’m just trying to get through the run down feeling I have right now.

I made the choice to play the Mookie last night to get back into the flow of things and my weak/tight game got me to a mediocre finish as I just couldn’t get things going. I was in position to make it deeper but had to lay down AT and the tried a steal from late position with T9 and ran into QQ. I had outs when I was open-ended but my luck ran out in 31st place. I had KK a couple of times, once early with a raiser and a caller in front of me. I popped it up hoping the original raiser might push but he folded followed by the other player. The other time I raised from early position and everyone folded. I played a little too tight but it was hard to get into the action late as players were raising and re-raising like crazy. Oh well, I’ll try it again next week. This was my first BBT3 event and I truly expect to get deep and have a chance at one of these.

I also played the Dookie and luck-boxed my way to a bubble finish. It was PLO, one of my favorite games and I pushed some edges early and gained some chips. By edges I mean having KKxx vs. AAkk and catching a king to suck out. I also did it with JJxx so I was running good. My luck-box skills left me though when I flopped a set of 5s and lost to a bigger set.

I’m to busy to write any more…Have a great day.


OhCaptain said...

Welcome back! I saw you playing last night. It will get better. Just give it time.

Anonymous said...


u gotta keep on truckin in this game....