Friday, March 14, 2008

Running Deep

I have returned to making some deep runs as of late and I realize now why I need to change parts of my game. This epiphany came last night as I played the ultimate game of skill…a low buy-in turbo knockout.

Before I get to deep into my epiphany, I’d like to explain a few of my thoughts. For one thing, to get deep in a tourney you have to get lucky. Luck comes in many forms like winning multiple coin flips, avoiding big suckouts/winning big suckouts and catching some good flops. Another thing you need to have is the ability to adapt to table conditions. Identifying the different types of players at your table is very important if you want to have success. Finally, you need to know your limitations and work on them to close the leaks in your game. Solid opponents will take advantage of tendencies they see from your play.

Now to my epiphany.

Like I said…I played a $3 turbo knockout tourney last night. The skill level in these is very low and with a few timely hands it is easy to get deep. Last night is a prime example of this as I played very tight and waited for solid hands to get me home. I chipped up a little when I flopped trip aces and then busted a guy when my JJ beat his short stacked KQ for a knockout. I got my 2nd knockout when I raised to limpers with my AK and a short stack called with K9 to move to 3100 chips. With blinds at 250/500 and with 2500 chips the action was what I wanted. With a limper, a raiser and a caller in front of me on the BB, I look at 45 suited and make the call. I basically committed to the pot but I didn’t want to push the limper away with a push. I wanted to quad up. The limper folded anyway to we wait for the flop. It comes 6s 5d Td and I push. I am probably behind a pocket pair but both of these players have pushed every pocket pair they have had. I put them both on over cards and hopped I was right. I got one caller and was right when he flipped over KQ. My pair held up and I have 7500 chips. A bit later I won another coin flip and busted a player to move to 14K. I knocked out another with AQ vs A3 to move to 26K and I feel like I have a chance to make the final table if I can hit one more hand. In a hand I needed I get AK suited and see a small stack push to 2K, the size of the big blind and another player pushes for 8K. I am in the BB for 2K already so it costs me 6K to win 13K. Getting better than 2-1 I call and see opponents holding 44 and 66. I don’t catch and I’m down to 16K. In my last hand I ran KT into J9 and had no chance as he hit runner-runner for a straight. I can’t complain because it is really a luck box game and 25th of 600 something players doesn’t mean much other than catching cards at the right time.

What I truly realized is that playing tight is easy for me. Opening up my game when the table is tight is harder. I’ve made this observation before and at times I do well with changing gears but I need to keep changing gears and not revert to the old tight style of play that is my comfort zone.

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