Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eye Surgery, PLO and the NCAA Tourney

Been very busy with work so not much time to post. I don’t even remember the last time I put something up. Anyway, been playing and spinning my wheels. Had some luck in Razz cash and I’ve been playing a little PLO cash and some tourneys. Made a nice run again in a PLO tourney but couldn’t get away from a flopped set of jacks after a dude raised pre-flop. I had KKJJ double suited and when the flop came JAx I re-raised the raiser for all my chips. Stupid move in that the only thing players raise with in the late stages of these tourneys is AA or KK. I should have known my set of jacks was behind his set of aces. I missed the money by 4 spots when I could have made the cash easily.

Mrs. PE will be having eye surgery on Friday. Apparently, the muscle on her eyelid has detached or something and the need to put it back together. It is an out-patient surgery so no major concerns. We’re not sure how it happened but she will be able to return to wearing contacts in about six weeks.

So with me taking her for the surgery, I will get to watch most of the NCAA tourney on Friday. This time of year is about as good as it gets for sports fans and I am pumped. The only drawback is that Illinois sucked this year so I have to enjoy the games without a personal favorite involved.

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BWoP said...

I hope Mrs. PE recovers quickly from the eye surgery!

Nice to see you at the tables last night.