Sunday, February 17, 2008

Playing The KORD and The Return of Focus

I almost forgot to get the KORD started for this month. It is the same structure as normal with a $7 + .70 buy-in and will continue to have the $2 bounty. I’ve added a little something to the prize pool because I can. I won a last short bet the other night for $25 and thought it would be nice to give this free money away. For a little added fun, Instant Tragedy will be broadcasting the event on IT Radio brought to you by BDR. I will be on live with him giving the play by play. The tourney is on Thursday the 21st and takes off at 21:30. The password is “pokere” as always. Tell all your friends and come out to play this fun event.


After playing a big buy-in like the FTPS Razz, I find that I have a little issue with staying focused for the next few days after words. This isn’t good for the bankroll but I think I need to play and work through these issues. I think it has something to do with the large percentage of my bankroll I just burnt through and thus the hangover has to work its way out. Eventually I think I’ll be able to leave this feeling of remorse or ineptitude fall of my shoulders like the rain. I think it fits into the same class as getting use to higher buy-ins for cash games. I have not gotten use to losing such a big chunk of cash even though I technically bought in for much less then the $322 buy-in.

Saturday night I was sitting around watching a movie when I got an IM from Kat. Kat wanted to play a SNG so I jumped on and also signed up for the PLO deep stack that takes off at some point every night. My hangover seemed to be in place as I slowly lost half of my chips in each tourney. I felt uninterested and scattered as I bled chips all over the table. My frustration came to a head as the big stack raised my blind yet again. But this time I had TT and came over the top for my tourney life. His AJ didn’t catch up and I now had a little over starting stack. I started to feel good again and started to make some bets. I eventually caught another pocket pair and went after the big stack again. He insta-called with his KQ and lost the race again and now I’m sitting pretty we move a little deeper into the tourney and we have Kat and I vs. some random player. This guy was passive and we took turns taking his blinds. Eventually he started to play back. This was the time I got TT and took him out for a heads up battle with Kat. She had a 2-1 chip lead and raises me on the first hand. I have AT and push expecting to fold. She calls with her Q9 and hits the winning pair on the river. It was fun and I was feeling good again.

During this time I was playing the PLO tourney. As I said before, I gave away a bunch of my chip on stupid plays. I made the decision to double back up or go home when I hit a set of kings to double up. I stayed tight from then on and doubled again through the same guy. A bit later I hit another big hand…and then another and I’m 4th with 34 players left. This is when card death hit but I had a big stack and made the money easy. When we got down to 14 players I was sitting in 10th but a double way from an easy final table. I took a big pot down with KK for a steal and then looked at aces the next hand. I raised it up and got pushed by another stack. We get it in and his KKQJ hits 2 pair and I’m done. I had a shot at a good finish and I probably over played my hand but those are the breaks.

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