Thursday, February 07, 2008

Busting a Pro and Driving in the Snow

A I sat at my desk, finishing the work I had been procrastinating, the boss came by and said we could go home. He has done this before but this time it was 1 in the afternoon. I felt the joy of free time surge through my body until I realized I couldn’t leave until my guys left. One of them worked until just after 3:00 so I stayed the whole day.

At 5:10, I backed out of my parking spot and headed for the street. Little did I know that a world of confusion lay in waiting as I proceeded down the snow-covered street. I caller Surf to tell him the great news about the snow and to give him crap about getting to leave early when snow was still hours away. Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this would be a long 26 miles.

Generally speaking you need to have traction to drive a car. Last night was different because there was no point in thinking about traction. The main idea for the night was to be able to stop if I had to. Cars were in the ditches everywhere as the high winds and blowing snow made an ice rink out of the streets. These roads may have been the worst I have ever driven on. The funny part is that almost every car in the ditch was a SUV. Everybody thinks that they don’t lose traction and that they can get unstuck if they do slide a little. SUV morons where everywhere. They like to drive close to your bumper even though there id no way they could stop if they had to.

A wonderful night of driving ended around 7:00. Not bad for 26 miles. That’s a good marathon time.


I didn't play much last night. I have a meeting today that I was getting ready for and so I fired up a HORSE tourney to kill the dead time in between thoughts. I eventually got seated with Richard Brodie and he had a monster stack compared to mine. Well, I played my tight game and hit a big hand with rolled up kings in stud h/l and did it again the next hand with the same kings. Now with some chip power I waited for a chance to pounce. We finally got involved during the Omatard portion when he was short and on the big blind. It was folded to me on the button and I raised my A466double suited and he reraised…It was gamble time for his short stack. To make a long story short, my 66 was good and there was no low. I knocked out a pro and got my buy-in back and will be getting my t-shirt in the near future.

I watched the Mookie and the big cash game for a while. Waffles attempt at big stakes lasted 1 hour and 11 minutes. I’m sure he has some commentary on his game at his site. Anyway, I finished my work and went to bed early so I could have plenty of time to make it to work.

Yes the roads still sucked.


Richard said...

Well done sir.


The Poker Enthusiast said...

Thanks...I enjoyed playing with you and hope to do it again some day.