Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's Going on and the KORD

Play the KORD on Thursday.

It has been a while since I have done a personal post so I guess I will throw a little up for the world to see.

Work still sucks and it is being capped with a special treat. I get to fly to Coos Bay Oregon to meet with a customer next week. That fun part of this is the location of Coos Bay and how it is that I get there with killing my self. You see, I have to fly to Seattle, then Portland and finally to Coos Bay in a one day trip from hell. I leave Chicago at 8:00 and land in Coos Bay at around 4pm for a grand total of 10 hours of being inconvenienced. Because we get there so late and the company we have to meet with is a good 30 miles away, I will spend the night at one of the fine hotels in the area that isn’t full. That leaves the Best Western as my only option. Anyway, we meet the next but can’t fly out until the 3rd day because there is only one flight that can get us to where we want to go. So I will be traveling for three days for a 1hour meeting that doesn’t really need to take place anyway. Fun times.

Baseball E. just finished up his first basketball season. He had a lot of fun and played really hard. He had a couple of games where he scored 8 or 10 points so I think he may give b-ball another try. He is now getting ready for one of my favorite sports…floor hockey. There is nothing like children swinging stick to get the blood pumping.

Speedy E. continues to play the violin. She has practice just about every day during the week but she apparently doesn’t need to practice on the weekends because she never does. I’m not going to get on her to much about it because I never practiced when I was learning to play the clarinet. She seems to have slowed down on the boy crazy stuff that young girls go through but I’m sure it is still waiting to come back around.

Softball E is still Softball E. She has pitching practice every Saturday and her team practice on Sunday. I for one will be ready when the season starts. I think I’m more excited about the new then she is. Anyway, her pitching coach was right when she said she would be throwing at least 5 mph faster by spring time. She is also right when she said at least 10. I know she is touching 60 from time to time and is doing it on a more regular basis. That’s a lot of fun for dad to see.

Mrs. PE has been busy with all of her stuff. Her final years as a girl scout leader is coming to a close soon and she continues to drive those kids to school on her school bus. No way I would ever do that.

SO that’s it for the PE house hold. I’m sure there is more but I only have so much in me sometimes.


kurokitty said...

I won't lie to you, there's not much in Coos Bay - I once ran in a 30K race around the bay there. But that's where Steve Prefontaine is from. Huzzah!

BamBam said...

It sounds to me like the PE household could be a lot of fun times!

60 regularily! Go Softball E !