Thursday, February 14, 2008


For weeks I've had my eye on the satellite for FTOPS event #14 that took of last night. It was a $55 sat. for a $322 ticket and being that event #14 is Razz, it is right up my donkey alley. But there were problems.

I called home as I was leaving work and was informed that the internet was down. This isn't a good thing when you need to use it for your qualification needs so I'm in the dumps the whole ride home. The bright side is that comcast said it should be up in plenty of time for me to play. To make a long story short, I was up and running in plenty of time.

This sat. was a little different then most of these I have played...Razz tourneys anyway. The table was tight for much of the early stages and players actually stayed away from chasing. I eventually moved to a new table where things returned to normal. I hit a few big hands at the right times during play and what do you know...I'm 6th place with 25 to go to the money. From this point on I stayed mega tight and bought enough hands to keep my stack even. As we hit the bubble, one guy started raising every hand and even though I could have played back at him from time to time, I stayed away unless I was sitting really good. Anyway, the bubble broke at my table when a medium stack got involved with the huge stack. The medium guy had more than enough chips to fold to the cash but chased away a seat. I feel very good about my reads and even though I may have gotten lucky, it was luck at not being sucked out on.

If I can make reads like last night and get a little more luck I feel like I can go deep.


Dremeber said...

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Dejan said...

hey i also played in last nights FTOPS #14
got in by winning the 8+0.8$ satellite and finished 69th in the end, 5 places away from 750$
well it was a great experience for me, i was probably the most novice player in the entire Event #14 as i only started to play Razz 10 days ago.
But hell i outlasted most of the pros except Chip Jett, who was cowardly stalling to get into the money