Monday, February 25, 2008

I Reached One Goal for the Year

I had another crazy weekend with bankroll bleeding and coming up short. I did achieve a goal that I want to accomplish but come to the realization that I’m not ready to do this all the time.

One of the goals I had in place for this year was to achieve at least the bronze level in the Iron man Challenge on Full Tilt. I’m not really sure why I wanted to do this but other then to set a goal and get there. Now being that I have not been a cash player this made the goal a little harder to reach because I wasn’t playing in my normal comfort zone of MTT play. I also don’t have the time to play one table for hours to reach the 50 point level so I had to add multi-tabling into the mix. Add in playing FTOPS and some other tourneys and you have a path to destruction.

It started off pretty well when I two tabled 1/2 Razz as well as some other levels mixed in. I stayed tight and earned points at a slow rate but made my 50 points with a little time to spare each night. As the days went by I got tired of grinding and moved up to three-tabling 3/6 and lower in an attempt to get it done faster. This is where the most problem occurred because I’m not rolled to play 3/6 and with the maniacs at that level the swings can be huge. All-in-all I had a small meltdown of my bankroll during this run but finally made it early Sunday morning by hitting my 20th fifty point day. I wont be trying this again any time soon because I was spending to much time playing and not really enjoying the time at the tables.

I think it is great that I reached the goal. Anytime you put something out there that you have never achieved and you get it, it is a good thing. But making points your goal vs. winning money is not optimizing your play and I found that I was more focused on the pot sizes then watching the table for tells. That’s not to say I didn’t gain some good information from some of the donkeys playing Razz…Its just that I wasn’t playing nearly as well as I can.


I leave for Coos Bay tomorrow morning. I’m secretly hoping the snow that will come tonight cancels my flight so I don’t have to go. I really think it is dumb to be flying across the country for a meeting with one company wjen we could probably do it over the phone. I may or may not play while I’m on the trip other then trying to get 1 point per day for the monthly free roll.

That is about it for today…have a great day.

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