Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wow It's Going Bad

I'm not crying, well I guess I am but luck was not my friend over the weekend. I got knocked out of 14 tournaments when my opponent had 6 outs or less on the river. Now I understand that this will happen but I would rather make a bad decision and get knocked out of a few of these then be so far ahead in each of these only to get kicked in the junk. I cashed in three of these events but didn't go deep enough to make a contribution really. The killer was getting knocked out of the 25K on FT when my pocket kings see a flop of K23. My opponent pushes and I call and see his JT off suit. AQ on the turn and river give him the straight and knocks me out. winning that hand would have put me into the top 10 with 150 players left. I would give you a dollar because of the bad beat story but I don't have enough left in the bankroll. Anyway, I think I may take another day or two off before I get back on the horse so that my stressed out mind can refresh.

Worldpoker05, my old boss went to Vegas a week or so a go and played a tourney a Ceaser's. He bubbled in 6th when the short stack went on a tear and doubled up 4 out of 5 hands in a row. When he got to the final table he was one of the chip leaders but lost two pots when his opponent hit bottom pair. Tough breakes.

Good luck in the Mookie on Wednesday but I don't think I'll be playing as I want to re-evaluate mu game to see if I was the cause of some of my down-turn. And since the Mookie is full of good players I think that it wouldn't be a good thing to invest at this time.

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