Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Mookie and 25 Stupid Things About Me

I played in the Mookie last night and got bounced by ski early after the 1st break. My demise happened just before the break when I tested a bigger stack and gave away half my chips. I had top pair after the flop and made a continuation bet but his min re-raise caused me to fold for fear of a trap. So with around 1000 chips left I get AQ in middle position and push only to get called by ski’s AK and I’m done. I play a solid game and won a nice pot when I flopped trip 7s and check re-raised another player. For the most part I spent time trying to keep my head above water.

The Mookie 2nd chance was better… On the first hand I was dealt pocket 9s in the SB and called fuel55’s raise. I hit the flop when 10, 9, 3 hit the board. Now how do I extract chips? Hoy has talked about betting for value with flopped trips so I make a half pot bet and Fuel calls The turn is x so I make what is to be a weak looking bet of 300 into a pot of around 800 and he calls.
The river is a 3 giving me a boat. I put out the same weak bet out there and he pushes. I call and double up on the first hand as his 7s were no good. The bets part of this is that I know he is an aggressive player and will attack weakness so semi passiveness seemed to be the right idea. If I check raise him then he may drop his hand so I think this was the right line. Anyway, with these chips I maintained my stack and won a token vs. the bloggers. It was a good time as usual.

I do have to agree with some of my fellow bloggers though in that I would rather paly a token vs. the other players on the site. It is tough to win a token with the quality play of bloggers involved. I like the cash idea better.

I also think that maybe we can get a token blogger event that uses the $26 token. It would raise the stacks a little and is partially funded by players we have beaten already. Just an idea.


Here is the first installment of 100 stupid things about me. If there are other tings you want to know just ask and I'll include them.

1) I was born in a town smaller than the subdivision I now live.

2) I was adopted.

3) I went to a World Series game 1980. The Kansan City Royals beat the Phillies and I instantly became a Royals fan. Some of you may remember that was the year of George Brett and his hemorrhoids.

4) I played the clarinet from 5th grade through my junior year in high school.

5) I took Spanish in college. The significance of this is that I got a C in the class and didn’t learn a thing.

6) I played soccer from the time I was little until my 2nd year in college. I received honorable mention for region 4 after my freshman year for my play as a goalie on a team that won two games. The next year we made it to the region finals with a 14-5-3 record and I didn’t get a vote.

7) I’ve played fastpitch softball for over half my life.

8) In 1996, I was statistically 1hit away from being the leading hitter for the ISC world tourney. I was 5 for 9 and needed one more at bat with a hit to be the leading hitter that year. My 4 out were strikeouts and I had 4 walks.

9) I was in the musical “Bye, Bye, Birdie” during my senior year in high school. I played a few small parts with my only line being “He’s coming, he’s coming….Conrad Birdie’s coming”. This was quite comical for a 17 year old kid in the mid 80’s.

10) I spent an hour in jail for driving with a suspended license. Back in 1983, I got a speeding ticket and didn’t pay for it. In my infinite I didn’t realize I had to. Anyway, I eventually paid for it but didn’t apply for reinstatement. 3 years later I got pulled over and arrested. I was fun being picked up by a paddy wagon and handcuffed. All charges were dropped after I applied for reinstatement and showed proof at court. Of course the court cost was something like $500 but it isn’t on my record.

11) I was married on New Years Eve in 1992.

12) I bought my first home 6 months before I was married and lived there for 6 ½ years before buying my second home. I lived there for 6 ½ years before buying my third home. I have five more years in this house before I must move.

13) The only time I have been to Las Vegas was in 1990. The ASA “B” Nationals was held there that year. The team I played on consisted of almost all 22 and 23 year old guys and I’m not sure if I ever went to sleep. In reality, I got maybe 12 hours of sleep in the 4 days I was there.

14) I want to go to a WPBT event but can’t afford it at this time.

15) I have three children that consume much of my time and I would have it no other way. There is nothing I love more then being involved with there events and helping guide them through life.

16) I love science fiction and have spent a large amount of my free time reading Sci-fi books. The first book I read was The Hobbit when I was in high school and have read hundreds of books since then.

17) One of the most exciting days of my life was when I heard that Lord of the Rings trilogy was being made. And even though I love the movie version, I was disappointed that so much was left out.

18) I played D&D from 6th grade up until my sophomore year in college. It was a blast living a life of make believe with magic and swords. To me a great time was spending a weekend playing this game non-stop from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Man I was a geek.

19) I was a tweener in that I was a jock, and a good one and also a band geek. I was in both the math club and science club but used much of my free time playing sports. In some ways I think I had no identity because of my lack of affiliation to a high school click.

20) I spent many Friday and Saturday nights hanging out with my friends and getting drunk while in high school. Much of this was induced by peer pressure and trying to fit into a culture that I wasn’t comfortable with.

21) You can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been drunk in the past 5 years. It takes two hands for the previous 10 years. It would take a computer to count the times before the age of 30.

22) I have no grandparents left alive.

23) One of my favorite rides at Disney World is the Buzz Light-year ride.

24) One of the worst days of my life was when my wife and two daughters were in a car accident. I got a call at work that said they were at the hospital and that they had no more information. When I arrived I saw a little girl that was severely injured and my thoughts were “poor thing, I hope she’s all right”. Minutes later I found out it was my oldest daughter. She had a broken leg and a skull fracture to go along with having a few teeth knocked out. She was later flown to Loyal Medical Center and spent 4 nights there before being sent home. My other daughter was bruised and battered but ok. My wife had a lacerated spleen and was in the hospital for a week. She could go back to work for a month and could do nothing that involved physical activity. It was a frustrating time in the life of my family.

25) While in Milwaukee for a college soccer trip, a group of us players found a car with the keys in while walking back from downtown to our hotel. It was 3:30 in the morning and we were drunk so we borrowed the car and drove to our hotel.


Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Thanks for the rail and for the spot-on email, Pitch.

I read your 25 things and was happy to note we have a fair bit in common (sports - tennis was my thing, D&D - too old to cringe, 3 kids). I've also had to watch 2 of my kids in the ICU (both right after birth) for about the worst two weeks of my life. I can't imagine the gut-searing feeling of watching one of them busted up.

The weirdest thing about this poker blogger community is how the VAST vast majority of us seem to be family guys who like to act like degenerates...funny that.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I've noticed the same thing. We are acting like degenerates with the comfort of a good family life. Who are we fooling?