Wednesday, November 22, 2006

1600 players at the 25,000 on FT

I think that the grim reaper has taken hold of me with his icy touch. Death would be welcome compared to how I feel today. Life will move on.

I played the 25,000 on FT last night and made a nice run considering the land mines that were in place. 1600 plus players with a prize pool of 40,000 is always nice. Anyway, I stayed tight and doubled up with flopped trips before catching AK suited in middle position. UTG calls and I make a 4x raise with the button calling. UTG pushes for 800 more and I call, button folds. He flips over pocket kings. I still have a nice stack but I wanted to bust him for slow playing kings from UTG. He eventually gave all my chips to other players. So I chip back up some when an early position player makes a min raise. I look down at J9 suited in the BB and call. The flop is J high and I’m pretty sure it’s good here. The early position player is short stacked so I check to him hoping he bets and he does. I come over the top but not enough to put him all in hoping he’ll push them in and he does. I call and he shows AK. King on the river and I’m back down to 2200 chips. I really like this play because I’m going to win about 75% of he time but it wasn’t to be. I stayed afloat until there were around 450 players left. 261 were getting paid so I needed chips. A large stack raised from middle position and I push with KJ suited hoping he was stealing or on a pocket pair. His AJ was good and I’m done. The morale to this story for me is that suited cards sucked last night. A good run but I still could have waited a little longer to make a move.

I might play the Mookie tonight but I’m not sure. Being sick and playing poker don’t always go together well so we will see.

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