Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Legs of the Horse are Steady

I missed the start of the Mookie last night but did watch it and the second chance tourney until virtual conclusion. It was fun watching but I would rather have been playing.

So instead of just sitting there while railing the tourneys I played a couple of SNGs. The first was un eventful in that I didn’t do much and got knocked out with pocket 10’s vs AJ near the bubble. I was one of three short stacks vs 2 big stacks and pushed to by the blinds. No big deal.

The second SNG went much better as I chipped up early before giving much of my stack to a lose caller. I raised with KJ suited from middle and got called by the big blind. The flop was Qxx. I made a 2/3 pot continuation bet and the BB calls. The turn is x and I take another stab of 2/3 only to be called by the BB. At this point I know I’m behind and will fold to any bet. The river is x and we both check. BB flips over Q7 and takes the pot. I question the player passive method of playing this hand but cannot question her results. Anyway, I doubled up a little later when I flop trips and then knock out another when I get another big pocket pair. When we get down to 5 players things got slow. Nobody wanted to give up position so blind stealing was the name of the game and I continued to chip up. We eventually got down to three some time into the second hour. I eventually knocked out the Q7 player and got heads up with a passive heads up player. I pushed him around and took a nice chip lead until I flopped top 2 pair and he flopped trips. From the short stack I moved back to almost even until I ran into his pocket pair when I tried a re-steal with AK. I didn’t improve and take second place. It was a good game and I played the game that I know I can play. I’ll play a few more of these before I move back up to the more interesting levels.

I think that I’ve figured out the cause of my resent failures. I withdrew some of my bankroll from FT and put it in Neteller. The curse of the withdraw showed it’s ugly head and made me shrink in fear. I have remedied the situation and expect a complete return to normalcy.

Work has been a bear since my return from Japan. I have all the thing that I learned from the trip and others as well to put into place. I also have an impending ISO 9000 external audit that will take place next Tuesday. All together I have no time to complete any of the things I need to get done but have to do them anyway. I know, cry me a river.

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